Should I Propose To My Boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I will celebrate our first anniversary soon and I’m sure he’s the one. I think I should ask him to marry me. What do you think?

Oh sweetie, I’d definitely give this a lot of thought before you go through with it! Most girls dream about the day when the love of her life gets down on bended knee and asks her to marry him: my husband’s proposal to me was one of the most perfect moments of my life. Your plan seems to have you down on one knee, but how is your boyfriend going to feel?

Yes, I know this is the new millennium and women have every right to assert themselves, whether it be asking a man for his phone number, out on a date, or to spend the night. But marriage is still a very traditional institution and I think that most men feel they are the ones who should pop the big question. Has your boyfriend always dreamed of slipping a ring on the finger of the woman he loves? You’d hate to take that away from him.

I’m also wondering if you’ve considered the possibility that he wants to celebrate your anniversary by proposing? You don’t want to ask him to marry you over dinner and then find out he had a ring waiting for you in the tiramisu.

Although I enjoyed being on the receiving end of a proposal, it doesn’t mean things can’t be done the other way around. You know the dynamic of your relationship better than anyone else, so if you think your boyfriend will be thrilled with the idea of you popping the question, then I wish you all the best. Let us know how he reacts!